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'How Shall We Then Live' Doesn't Matter

Hyper-Preterism's False Gospel

Is hyper-preterism a false gospel? Does it pervert the doctrine of salvation?

Take a listen to this short clip. This is David Curtis, one of hyper-preterism's leading men and also the guy being propped up by Gary DeMar. Gary will speak at David's annual spring conference to discuss "how shall we then live?" along with a few other hyper-preterists.

Gary DeMar has been very concerned about how people should live now, even to the point of arguing that some of these essential eschatological doctrines don't really matter. With that in mind, you tell me whether it even matters how you live now after hearing Curtis explain salvation as solely a "positional" thing and that sinning will be possible in heaven.

Don't let Gary DeMar's ignorance fool you into believing there are no dangers here.

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Addressing unorthodox eschatology from a biblical and confessionally reformed world and life view.
Jason L Bradfield