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The Porch, 4 of 4: Agreeing with Heresy

American Vision Teaming Up With Hyper-Preterists

4/4 Clips from 2018 when Joel McDurmon and Gary DeMar joined hyper-preterists Glenn Hill (also sharing platform with DeMar at annual hyper-pret conference) and anti-trinitarian, self-ordained "pastor" Cindye Coates, inviting people to "Come Experience the Joy & Freedom of Fulfilled Eschatology."

In this clip, the question was asked of two hyper prets and Joel about the timing of the second coming. Joel, who hasn't shied away from other questions, drops a PRIME OPPORTUNITY to make the distinction and hands the mic to the hyper pret. Glenn not only gives the standard, hyper pret answer, but then adds that if their understanding is false, then Jesus is a false prophet and not the Son of God!

The mic is then handed back to Joel. Again, another prime opportunity to draw the line and what does he say? He says he has NOTHING to add!

Are you kidding me? The false teacher sitting right next to you, in your presence, just put the entire universal and historical Christian church on blast and you have NOTHING TO SAY!?!


And this same gentlemen shares in this same session how frustrated he is with men who lack manhood by not standing up to dispensationalism; he feels like "slapping" them. Yet, he says NOTHING to the guy sitting right next to him who just accused Christians (universally, historically) of turning Jesus into a liar!

Given that Joel worked for Gary at American Vision during this time, and given Gary's recent comments, it's possible that Gary shared many of these same thoughts.

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