"...when I call myself a full preterist."

Gary DeMar's Guru, Kim Burgess

Gary DeMar wants you to believe that he and Kim Burgess are not “full preterists.” Yet, here is Kim calling himself a “full preterist.”

Of course, Kim tries to distance himself from Don Preston, Michael Sullivan, and other “full preterists” by claiming that he is only a full preterist concerning “redemption accomplished.” As for “redemption applied,” he is a “partial preterist.” But Kim is just playing word games here. It is standard full preterist doctrine to argue that the effects of complete fulfillment are ongoing. In fact, full preterists have a term they use for those who reject any ongoing application - “hyper preterists.”

In reality, full preterism and hyper preterism are the same things. Hyper preterism was a label created by orthodox men to describe full preterism. They didn’t like the label, so they hijacked it for their own purpose to call out Israel Only full preterists.

But it’s all the same, folks. Kim is saying nothing new here, and his word games aren’t fooling anyone. This is hyper preterism 101.

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