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Dr. Gordon H. Clark


In the Spring of 1983, Whitefield Theological Seminary hosted a debate at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, TN, between Dr. Gordon H. Clark and Professor David Hoover. The debate discusses two approaches to Christian apologetics. Dr. Clark defends presuppositionalism, while Mr. Hoover defends evidentialism or empiricism. It did not come to the attention of the cameramen until halfway through the debate that one of the cameras had shut off, resulting in numerous visual and audible blank segments. Attempts have been made to fill in those blanks using clips of the audience and the only full audio available. However, that audio is in very bad condition. Rather than waste any more time attempting to edit the impossible, I have decided to release the second half of the debate using the audio (cleaned up) from the cameras. Most fans of Dr. Clark have probably already heard the debate. But video footage of the debate has never been made available publicly. I hope you enjoy what is, more than likely, the only video footage of Dr. Clark in existence. Also, keep in mind that this footage is around two years before he went to be with the Lord.

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