Do you know where I can read/find more about your responses to Sullivan's charts?

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That was on our old website around 10 years ago or so. I might be able to find it on the Wayback Machine, but it would take some time to dig up. The response was no different from what I posted here, though. Mike commits the fallacy of equivocation in the syllogism he presents at the bottom of the charts. Mike just brushed off my response, and apparently, Sam did too, pretending I never had an answer. Or, he forgot. I was thinking about doing a separate post, highlighting that point again. Perhaps I will in the next day or two.

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Definitely an interesting article. It sucks y’all can’t reconcile. We all evolve somewhat over time. That’s healthy. But obviously I do stand by that if Frost has changed his positions he should edit his books to reflect that. Thanks for sharing.

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Since you're Eastern Orthodox and I can't be civil, I guess this is where I'm supposed to curse at you, right? Lol.

The inconsistencies are definitely problematic, but I believe the bigger issue is the refusal to acknowledge them and treating people like idiots for pointing them out. It reminds me of Gary DeMar denying he's a full-preterist and attacking anyone who claims he is, only to then publish a book where they label their view as "full-preterism." There is a serious, deeper, personal issue going on there.

Here we are two years later, and Sam still says, "The 'church' did not expel me (never said it did). The 'pastor' did." However, when his pastor emailed him requesting that he voluntarily resign as an elder due to his teachings and behavior on Facebook, Sam responded: "With such resignation, at your request, we shall be moving our materials from the library, canceling any teaching schedules, resigning membership and all other such necessary arrangements.  I am shocked, hurt, and completely blindsided at this."

He was never expelled. He bailed and then lied about it. To make matters worse, he goes on YouTube to criticize Reformed men for "retreating" from mainline churches when things don't go their way, even though he did the exact thing the video claims makes others cowards and snowflakes. And, of course, he had to take another potshot at the postmillennialists. If you were truly postmillennial, you'd be doing what he's doing.

To him, this is all a sport—a popularity contest—a need to be seen as a "scholar" and a true reformer. And sadly, he'll lie about people in the process. Not once have I ever commented on the beast and harlot of Revelation. Yet, he says I put it all in the past.

I don't trust him...at all. The only thing that has changed since his hyper-preterism days is the doctrine. And who knows where that will be 5 years from now.

But hey, thanks for reading.

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It would only hurt the both of us if we can’t be civil honestly. :)

I agree that Frost is inconsistent on some stuff. I’ve also talked with him aplenty about some of his ideas but particularly his takes on spiritual death. I get he really wants to distance himself from preterism entirely but I don’t think one has to throw out things that the church has pretty clearly taught from day one like that.

I too wish he’d move on from Reformed stuff and Calvinism in general. I don’t think he really agrees with them anyways.

I’m not gonna speak on the church situation he was in mostly because I’d need and want to see the receipts on all sides there. I’ll just leave it at it was not a good situation for both parties and it’s for the best they both separated. Think it would’ve happened anyways.

I can understand why you believe what you do and don’t trust him anymore.

I know we disagree on a lot but I do appreciate getting your thoughts. I often do still tell Reformed people on the fence about FP or in FP to check you and Gentry out about full preterism when I find they are hostile towards me cause I’m EO lol. Thanks for sharing

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